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Concrete roof triangle mounting system
Tongshengda tripod system is suitable for cement roofing, and the main material is aluminum alloy. It is characterized by its light weight, robust construction and recyclable materials. The Tongshengda aluminum profile ground bracket has been pre-installed at the factory. The rail assembly can be installed directly after the bracket system is installed during installation. The installation procedure on site is less, and the installation efficiency is effectively improved.
technical parameter

Maximum wind resistance: 42m/s

Maximum snow resistance: 1KN/m2

Span range: 0.6-2.5m

System installation angle deviation: ± 2 °

Adjustable angle: 10-15, 15-30, 30-60

Design standard: AS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044, etc.

Performance parameter

Installation site: cement flat roof

Body material: AL6005-T5

Fastener material: SUS304

Applicable components: framed

Applicable arrangement: tandem

Warranty period: 10 years

Product Features

  • Easy installation
    Well-designed brackets and components do not require on-site cutting and welding, and fewer on-site installation procedures, effectively improving installation efficiency.
  • Strong compatibility
    The adjustable bracket system can meet the installation requirements of different specifications of PV modules. At the same time, it is compatible with the different arrangement of components.
  • Safe and reliable
    The frame system is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and oxidation. The product can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution. The overall structure fully considers the factors of load bearing, wind resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance, etc., and has been calculated and tested to ensure safety and reliability.

Installation instructions

step1、Mounting tripod

Install the triangle on the cement foundation with the bolts embedded and tighten all the bolts on the bolt tripod. As shown in Figure 1 (left); the track pallet is mounted on a tripod, and the bolts on the pallet are temporarily pre-locked, Figure 2 (right).


step2、Mounting track

Align the track with the block on the pallet and slide the track inward along the block. After adjusting the distance, the rail will be locked and the bolts of the bracket will be locked. Figure 4, Figure 5


step3、Installation component

Tile the components on the rails, adjust the dimensions, and secure the components with side and intermediate pressure blocks. Figure 6, Figure 7


Case show