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Tin Roof Adjustable Mounting Solution
TSD adjustable mounting system is applicable to many common framed solar panels to mount to the color steel tile at specific angle. Adjustable angle includes 10-15 degree, 15-30 degree, 30-60 degree. Users are able to adjust the angle to attain the best sun light efficiency. The system is made of high intensity aluminum alloy. It's light weighted with good strength and great corrosion stability.


Max wind capacity:42m/s

Max snow capacity:1KN/m2

Span range:0.6-2.5m

Installation angle deviation:±2°

Adjustable angle:10-15,15-30,30-60

Design standard:AS/NZS1170, ASCE 7-05, DIN1044

Performance parameter

Installation site: color steel tile roof

Main material:AL6005-T5

Fastener material:SUS304

Applicable modules:framed 

Component arrangement: vertical

Warranty period:10years

Product Features

  • Angle adjustment
    The bracket system can be adjusted in angle. When the season changes, the system angle is adjusted appropriately to ensure that the components have a good amount of sunshine and improve the power generation efficiency of the components.
  • Easy installation
    Well-designed brackets and components do not require on-site cutting and welding, and fewer on-site installation procedures, effectively improving installation efficiency.
  • Strong compatibility
    The adjustable bracket system can meet the installation requirements of different specifications of PV modules. At the same time, it is compatible with the different arrangement of components.
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    Safe and reliable
    The bracket system is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and oxidation. The product can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution. The overall structure fully considers the factors of load bearing, wind resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance, etc., and has been calculated and tested to ensure safety and reliability.

Installation instructions

Installation Guide


Step 1: fasten the front column onto the ridge                     Step 2: fasten the rear column onto the ridge 

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Step 3: install the rail                                                            Step 4: fasten panels with end and mid clamps

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