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Tin Roof L Feet Mounting Solution
TSD L feet mounting system has great flexibility and extremely suitable for tin rooftop solar system both in commercial and residential house in frame or frameless solution. The innovative railway and D shape block designs have made the installation easier and faster. Its preassembly and customized solutions has been time-saving and cost-efficient.

Max wind capacity:45m/s

Max snow capacity:0.8KN/m2

Span range:0.1-1.8m

Standard length of block:40mm 

Design standard:AS/NZS1170, ASCE 7-05, DIN1044

Performance paramete

Installation site: tin roof

Main material:AL6005-T5 / SUS304

Fastener material:SUS304

Applicable modules:frame or frameless

Component arrangement: horizontal / vertical

Warranty : 10 years

Product Features

  • Easy installation
    Tongshengda's self-developed fixtures can be easily installed with a simple tool. Installation only needs to tighten the ridge and lock bolts, two actions. Greatly reduce the difficulty of installation and shorten the working hours.
  • Strong speciality
    The fixture is suitable for a specific tile ridge. The professional structural design makes the support and the tile ridge perfect. It will not cause any damage to the tile ridges, and the ridges will remain as large as possible. No need to pierce or modify the tile ridges to avoid leakage. It also guarantees the drainage effect of the tile ridge, and is perfectly integrated with the tile ridge.
  • Strong compatibility
    The fixture can meet the installation requirements of different specifications of PV modules. It can be combined with other equipment to form a complete bracket system, which is a stable and versatile connection platform.
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    High precision
    The length of the clamp is accurate to the millimeter. During the construction process, the second cutting is not carried out because the length is too long or too short.
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    Safe and reliable
    The fixtures are made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and oxidation. The product can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution. The overall structure fully considers the factors of load bearing, wind resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance, etc., and has been calculated and tested to ensure safety and reliability.

Installation instructions

Installation Guide


Step 1: install L feet                                                          Step 2: install the rail 


Step 3: install mid and end clamps                                  Step 4: finished 

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